Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vale: Ray Bradbury.

Ray Bradbury has left us at the age of 91, and I've just realised how long it's been since I read any of his work.

I loved Fahrenheit 451, enjoyed I Sing The Body Electric, and struggled through The Martian Chronicles. I'm sure I've read more, but I can only recall those at the moment. I don't remember much about Chronicles - except that I had a hard time of it. My excuse is I was young. I do recall Kenny Everett making a joke that I found very funny as a teenage boy. Captain Kremmen once described someone as being "so low he could kick a Martian in the chronicles."

So I'll add that to my 'to read' stack and give it another shot now that I'm older.

There's no denying Bradbury's influence in the genre. R.I.P. Ray.

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