Monday, December 13, 2010

As We Wind Down.

And so the year winds down. But I find myself with lots to do and little time in which to do it. I have some reviews to finish writing, a short story to rewrite (yet again) and several more (currently clawing their way through my brain trying to escape) that need to be written.

My parents-in-law are visiting from overseas at the moment, and so I'm spending a lot of time with them. We certainly don't get to see them often enough. It's great to have them here, and they are doing great things in my garden. We spent a weekend down at Rye (where I found a couple of great books in the local op-shop) and visited Camberwell Market the week before (where I bought a saw) and spent a day driving all over the countryside (just like the Leyland Brothers).

As for school, my senior students received their VCE results today, and I was pleased with the scores they achieved. Not everyone did well, but the ones who worked attained good marks, and those that didn't got better marks than I expected. I'd like to think that's the sign of good teaching. None of them should be surprised, anyway.

And I got to see The Angels live again!