Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Positivity in a Weird World.

There's no doubt things are very strange at the moment. The world seems to have gone mad, people have gone mad, even the  birds have gone mad.

COVID 19 has changed the world in wasy we couldn't even imagine only a few short months ago. I rarely go out, don't have visitors, work from home, and try to imagine how things will be. The world seems quieter. There's less traffic, aclearer skies, and more birdsong. Are they just encroaching further into urban areas because there are fewer cars and less pollution?  I have no idea. I know I just enjoy hearing them more than usual.

I had a birthday last week. Some family visited, socially distanced of course, and we had a great time. Lindsey organised a barbeque and there was plenty of food, great laughs and I was honestly thrilled with the presents I received.

But it is draining, seeing all the negative news. It's tiring working from home. I long to socialise with my workmates, my friends, have a drink with them. And not sit at the computer all week. I honestly want a clear deliniation between work and home.

In the meantime I try to share positive things in social media. On Facebook I post things I like - daily. I started the say we started working from home, and I honestly had no idea I would still be going three months later. And now there's talk we might be here til the end of they year or beyond.

Be positive, be understanding, be kind to each other, and stay safe.