Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Most Roads Lead To Helsinki.

Summertime here in the northern hemisphere, and we're rapidly approaching Worldcon. For those not in the know, Worldcon is the World Science Fiction Convention, held annually around the globe. This year, the 75th con, is to be held in Helsinki in mid August.

A year or so ago I had hopes I would attend, particularly since I was now in the UK and so close. Alas it was not to be. Scheduling and other factors worked against me. So I'll be here in my cottage, sitting at the computer and watching with envy as my friends from around the world converge in Finland for fellowship, discussions, beer and more beer. Oh, and possibly even some networking and pitching of stories.

It's the fellowship I enjoy, the sitting, chatting and getting to know new friends.

I wish you all well as you start to pack.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Recent Scribbling.

It's been a good month for writing.

Not only have I submitted four stories in the past two weeks, but I have started another story and written an article. This week I was commissioned to write another couple of articles which will be published shortly.

I love writing, when I can manage to make the time. And I wish I had more time in which to sit and focus my energies on getting words on the screen. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be a full time writer? Maybe not for everyone, but it's what I desire and should I win the lottery I think that's what would happen. Of course winning the lottery would actually require a great deal of luck; even more since I so rarely buy a ticket. But I can dream.

Writing these articles takes a great deal of research. A lot of time spent looking at documents, chasing links and leads, and formulating clear, concise paragraphs that are easy to follow. My feedback from editors suggest I succeed at delivering on this.

My fiction writing is improving as well. I plan on selling four or five stories by the end of the year. My Sherlock Holmes story is due for release in a couple of months, and I think I have another story out by Christmas. All I need is the confirmation and I'll be able to share those details with you.

It's time I found a writing group here in Lincoln. I need to mix with other writers. But finding the right group for you can be tricky. Ideally it should include writers at a similar and higher level than yourself. I've been in groups consisting of only beginner writers, and it was of little benefit to me. They don't have the experience and skills to critique your work as required. A mix is ideal, with new writers and some old hands.

I'll start looking around soon, see what's happening. There should be a group that meets my needs. After all, this is a university city. Surely there are fellow writers geeks.