Friday, June 22, 2012

Deck The Halls.

I have a story, Softly Sing The Stars, in the eMergent anthology Deck the Halls.  (Edited by Jodi Cleghorn with fabulous art by Andrew McKiernan).

Due for release in July, the collection is now available for pre-order at the ridiculously low special price of $15.99 plus shipping (Australia only). The book will be made available to overseas readers a little later.

Table of Contents:

Touched - Rowena Specht-Whyte
Drench the School - Benjamin Solah
Coming Home - Rebecca Dobbie
While You Were Out - Sam Adamson
Twenty-Five - Rebecca Emin
A Jolly Pair - Christopher Chartrand
Gays and Commies - Graham Storrs
A Better Fit - Jen Brubacher
Salvation - Nicole R Murphy
A Troll for Christmas - Jo Hart
Modraniht - Kate Sherrod
Bosch’s Book of Trolls - Susan May James
‘Til Death Do Us Part - Emma Kerry
High Holidays - Dale Challener Roe
The Headless Shadow - Jonathan Crossfield
End of a Tradition - Paul Servini
Weatherboy - Nik Perring
Not a Whisper - Lily Mulholland
Lords of the Dance - Janette Dalgliesh
Through Frosted Glass - Laura Meyer
Midsummer’s Eve - Stacey Larner
Yuletide Treasure - Rob Diaz II
Broken Angel - Jodi Cleghorn
A Golden Treasure - Chia Evers
Fast Away - Jim Bronyaur
Apprentices to Time - Icy Sedgwick
Unfolding - Alison Wells
Egg-Ceptional - PJ Kaiser
Hail the New - Trevor Belshaw
Perfect Light - Dan Powell
Softly Sing the Stars - Steve Cameron
Through Wind and Weather - David McDonald


Gitte Christensen said...

Two publications - nice week you're having, Steve. Congratulations.

Steve Cameron said...

Thanks, Gitte.

Yes, I'm having an excellent week. And I can't wait to have my contributor copies of both of these in my hands.