Friday, June 1, 2012

Snapshot 2012.

Every few years, a series of short interviews with members of the Australian SpecFic community is conducted and published online. The purpose is to get a 'snapshot' of the state of Australian SpecFic. Ben Peek started it all, way back in 2005 when he interviewed 43 people in a week. By 2007 the number of participants had almost doubled. The Snapshot was once again undertaken in 2010.

It's time for Snapshot 2012, and I feel completely honoured to have been interviewed.

Between 1st and 7th of June, a team of bloggers will daily be posting interviews with the participants of Snapshot 2012 across the following links:

This past year we lost two of our leading lights. Snapshot 2012 commences with tributes to Paul Haines and Sara Douglass.

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