Sunday, April 13, 2014

One Week Down, One Week To Go.

Halfway through the school holidays, and it's been great so far.

I received my welcome pack from the SFWA - I'm now an official member (associate), although my goal is to become a full member as soon as I can. It's a nice step, and another goal crossed off my list.

Writing has been good. I just returned from three nights down the coast on a writing retreat with David McDonald. There's nothing like being with another writer to keep you accountable. Lots of words, discussions, ideas and plans made.  Yeah, David, that private yacht is only a few more sales away.

Waiting and waiting on a couple of responses. Hopefully I'll hear something soon, and hopefully they'll be positive.

Caught up with a couple of friends from my old school, I've only been gone a month but it was great just hanging out.

And I have plans for the rest of the holidays. More writing, more catching up with friends, going to see a film with my new colleagues, and at least one lunch.

And music. There will be loud music.

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