Sunday, March 7, 2010

Out Across The Universe.

Next weekend I'll be out with other members of the Astronomical Society of Victoria for the annual Messier Night. I have a few friends coming along - for some it'll be their first time - for others - well, let's just say they're hooked now!

It's been a while since my scope has been serviced, so tomorrow I'm rolling over to my mate's place where it'll get all the TLC it needs.  Mick knows how to treat it good.  He should - after all he built it. And once it's all shiny and clean and swivelling smoothly on fresh teflon pads (and with the Naglers and Televues I borrowed from another friend) the universe will be my oyster.

Ah yes. There's nothing quite as relaxing as sitting under a dark sky with a friend and a brew, listening to Neil Young, talking crap and staring into deep space.  And at that those wee small hours, I find I get some weird ideas which later work their way into stories.

Dr. E will be there, as will Mr. J and a few other SEDNA members. (There are only 6 SEDNA members, and I suspect we'll all be there.) Great nights, great stories - many of which shall remain unshared.

But if you are free next weekend, come and join us - I'll show you space as you've only ever imagined it.

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