Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Grain Of Truth.

Last week I listed a few podcasts to which I've started listening. Yesterday I suddenly realised I'd forgotten to include Grain Of Truth.

Grain Of Truth is a half-hour panel, quiz, comedy show created and convened by David Innes, with special guests who give speeches based on silly topics related to their field of expertise.

David is a good friend and colleague of mine. We've shared quite a few laughs, and at post-work drinks we've even gone as far as developing our own sitcom - complete with title, stereotypical characters, catchcries, and a theme song. Buy us a drink sometime, and if we remember the words we may even sing it for you.

David will tell you that he's not only amazingly talented, but exceedingly funny and physically agile as well. And who am I to disagree with that. Especially when I think he still owes me a drink.

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