Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Back, Forward And Now.

A time of reflection this week. A time to look back at where I've been and to look forward to where I'm going.

I spent several hours on the weekend in StreetView, virtually walking the old neighbourhoods in Tokyo. During my time there I lived in three different places, and so it was fun travelling up and down the old streets, trying to re-find places I used to frequent, and looking at what had changed. It made me nostalgic, and now I want to go back and walk those streets for real. I want to open my senses and take it all in again, this time afresh. I want to see the people that still live there, and catch up with old friends.

I've spent some time talking with a friend about my writing, and how I haven't written much recently. There are a number of reasons for that, and I'm planning to overcome those obstacles shortly. I also spent some time talking with the same friend about career moves, about my transition and what it's meant to both me and my teaching.

I've also spent time thinking about my own goals, personal, writing and career-wise. I'd made decisions about where I plan to be in the future in each of those areas, and I've pretty much re-affirmed those this week.

And I've spent time thinking of a couple of friends who are currently facing battles of different types.

I've looked to my inspirations, both people I've met and those who have inspired me. Some were/are mentors, some are friends who have done incredible things (and continue to do so), and some are people who wouldn't even know their influence on me.

I chatted tonight to one of those people. She's just done some fantastic things in education. But she won't be recognised for it by anyone, apart from a few colleagues. She might even be criticised by some for having a job with short hours, long holidays and too many complaints. Yeah, I've heard that a few times recently, and it gets old real quick. Walk a mile in my shoes, and so on...

But I can't complain. Life here continues to be good, and I'm grateful for what I have.
Now all I have to do is stop procrastinating and get writing again.

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