Thursday, February 4, 2010

Could We Have A Bit More Volume On This One, Charlie. It's Gonna Need It...

I've finally bought myself a small stereo unit for the study.

I've been meaning to get one for ages, but have just always prioritised other expenditures as more important.  Last week, however, I decided it was time, and with my trusty and faithful friend by my side we went and checked out all the Hi-Fi supermarkets and electrical retailers.

With our combined four ears we listened as salesmen played us demo discs and gave us facts and figures - most of which we ignored because I had a fair idea of size and sound I expected for my price range.

I don't need iPod docks, and MP3 players, or multidisc stackers, or flashing lights.  I do want some kind of tone controls, three ways speakers for a bit of dynamic range, and something that doesn't look like it was designed by the same people who design teenagers' sports shoes.

I finally found something I was happy with - a compact Panasonic with bass and treble controls and a great little sound for the unit.  This is just a small unit for my study - I'll save the big money for the bigger, better unit for the living room.

And so as I type this I have some music playing here at last, and my wife is happy too.

She doesn't have to listen to my 'crappy' music anymore.

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