Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tell Me More, Tell Me More.

I'm always concerned when a guest speaker commences with the line, "Well, I'm actually here under false pretenses and you possibly know more about this than I do."

Happened to me on Friday at a seminar I attended in my role as a teacher.  I went along to this particular session hoping to gain an insight into a particular area of study I teach - instead I realised I'm doing fine with it, and that the presenter (who shouldn't have been presenting) is so outside my own experience that she wouldn't cope at my school.  Or while she may, at least her strategies wouldn't.

But one of the other sessions was worth the entry price.  The speaker knew his stuff, was deeply passionate about his work, and offered us valuable techniques and resources that I can certainly adapt and utilise in my own teaching.

Overall these training days that we attend seem mostly to be held for the sake of holding them.  And they aren't cheap either. But the VIT require us to attend a certain number of hours so we can be registered as teachers.  It's a shame that much money and time is wasted.

The muffins and lunch were good though.

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Sister Emma said...

Please tell me that her name wasn't Martha and you were entertained by Martha and The Muffins...