Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Feed Me!

Because I'm a drama teacher, it's kind of ironic that I don't particularly like musicals. Apart from the occasional rock opera, and a little Gilbert and Sullivan, I find them incredibly boring.

So if you're going to produce a musical it might as well be one that has Sci-Fi elements, a good dose of murder, a sadistic dentist and some great rocking 60s style tunes.

Tonight was opening night of Little Shop of Horrors, our high school production for the year. As the producer, I got to walk around and pretend to be important while the director and crew actually did all the work.

And what a fantastic job they've done.

It was an absolute blast to be involved in and a joy to watch. The kids sang, danced and acted their hearts out, and very obviously had a wonderful time doing it.

Of course the dentist stole the show, but Audrey II, as pictured above, (and that's before she grew!) was wonderful too.

Now, if only I could select which students this man-eater deigned to chew upon.......

Only four more nights til I can get some sleep!

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