Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Swings, Hits And Misses.

I was fortunate enough to attend Worldcon this year. I've decided I don't write con reports as well as others, so apart from saying London was great, I met some fantastic people and had a fun time, you won't get a report out of me.

I returned a couple of weeks ago, and have since been catching up on my teaching,  marking student work and writing reports for the end of term. Despite this it has been quite a busy time on the writing front.

I went through the edits on The Last of the Butterflies, the story Coeur de Lion will publish in two weeks time. (Dimension6 #3) I wrote the article that will accompany it, rewrote it, then wrote it again until I was happy with it.  I subbed two stories, received a rejection, and made a sale.

The rejection was unexpected (and undeserved - ha), while the sale was even more unexpected. More news on that when I'm permitted. It is such a very good sale, too.

But I finish teaching for the term in a couple of days, and then I have two weeks off. And I have plans. Writing plans. Lots of writing plans.

I can't wait.

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