Saturday, March 8, 2014

Turn And Face The Strange.

On Friday, after nine years, I finished working at Mooroolbark College. Last week I accepted a position at Vermont College.

My last day was emotional and surrealistic. (is that the right adjective for one who feels as though in a surreal landscape?) Not only had I had an insanely busy week, but the whole process, from application, through interview to finishing was incredibly fast. Plus my performance review, plus wrapping up the student tour to China I was organising, plus finishing all my marking in a very short timeframe, plus the whole 'am I doing the right thing?' insomniac questioning...

But the time is right, and the move is a good one.

I'm scared (I don't welcome change) yet thrilled by the challenges ahead.
My brother-in-law is a poet, and so I asked him what the word is for excited yet terrified. He invented the word ''extrified'' for me. It works.

You never really know for sure how your colleagues regard you, until it comes to the goodbye card and the gift. I was stunned by their generosity with only a couple of day's notice, and to find so many personal and real messages in the card. There were hardly any of the 'nice' or 'good luck' or 'who are you?" ones.

A friend once said, "You never really ever leave Mooroolbark College." At the very least I believe it will never really ever leave me. It shaped me into the teacher I am now.

Hi to everyone at Vermont College. Thanks for being so welcoming.

Thanks, MC. And thanks to all my friends and colleagues. I will miss you.

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