Tuesday, January 21, 2014

This Post Will Blow Your Mind And Make You Cry.

Like most people on Facebook, I share the occasional article, meme, funny picture or video. And I am generally informed, entertained or amused by those shared by my friends.

But I'm usually less than impressed if it comes with a hyperbolic tagline.

"This video/photo/story will restore your faith in humanity." Um, no actually. I'm not that cynical about life and my fellow beings. I'm generally more cynical about the truth of the cutesy little article.

"This will blow your mind." Again, no. Never have I had my mind blown by one of these shared links.

"You don't have a heart if this doesn't make you cry." Again, no. Not yet. And generally I question the authenticity of the picture/article etc.

"...but nothing can prepare you for the last picture."  Again, after looking at a series of pictures, I generally have some idea of what's coming.  Hmmm...  Maybe I am cold and just don't have a heart.

Oh, and I'm not impressed by cats. I never click on anything with cats. I hate them.

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Anonymous said...


This post has restored my faith in Steve's curmudgeonly side ;)

Thoraiya (loves some cats. Mostly just her own. Hahaha)