Sunday, January 12, 2014

First Steps in 2014.

I have big plans for this year.

March will see my first pro-level publication in Galaxy's Edge 7 (edited by Mike Resnick) and I certainly see it as having one foot placed on the next rung. All I have to do is swing that other leg up and step up.

I desire more pro-sales obviously. First I need to get more stories written and submitted, and sold of course, and that will happen. And then there are a couple of other ideas lurking dangerously beneath the waters, and tentative plans to pull a couple of others in on my schemes. I hope these people will agree to go along for the ride. Where it leads, however, will be another matter.

I have a deadline at the end of this month, and research and writing continues for that piece. A different type of writing for me, but one I'm enjoying quite a bit. This week I should have two complete days available for writing that will see the piece well on its way to completion.

And then onto the next story. Then the next one. And the one after that. Repeat.

This whole writing and publishing thing is getting addictive.

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