Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Competition.

Like it or not, getting published is a competition.

Rejections from a market simply mean the stories that were selected over yours were better, or fit the requirements more closely.

Of course there are standards of writing, and standards of storytelling. And from what I've been told, a large percentage of submitted works are rejected simply on the basis of not being of an acceptable standard.

Sometimes writers ask what's wrong with particular stories, why they weren't bought. It's not a school test with a pass or fail mark - or a benchmark or rubric with anything over a designated level is taken. It simply has to be a better story than the others.

And so it's a competition.

I aim to be the best, or at least be better than most of the others. (And no, before anyone asks, this post wasn't written from a sense of despair or in response to a rejection. I am waiting on a couple of responses any day now, though.)

Write, submit, wait, write some more.

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