Sunday, July 11, 2010

One Week Down...

It's the end of my first week under the mentorship of Paul Haines and it's already paying dividends. As you may know Paul is mentoring me under the auspices of the Australian Horror Writer's Association. I've submitted some of my work and we've commenced a dialogue.

I feel like I've learned a fair bit in the first week alone. His constructive criticism, comments and advice (and encouraging words) have reinforced some things I was already aware of, and opened my eyes to others that I was not. I'm on the way, but my writing needs practice and a chance to develop. I feel like I can improve and with Paul's guidance I know I will.

I guess how far is ultimately up to me.  Thanks for a great start, Paul.


Anonymous said...

Don't thank me yet, Steve! Once your ego is well and truly broken and shattered, well then we'll see about some thanks... :-)


Steve Cameron said...

Paul - only thanking you for the great start. And I may well be cursing you by the time we reach Aussicon.

Once I'm a blithering huddled mass on the floor, ego shredded and nothing more than the self-esteem of a gnat, then I may not be in a position to thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks mate, nice blog you're a topdog :)