Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Back On The Shelf.

Decided to go into IKEA yesterday morning,  We had the cheap breakfast there, and then went shopping.

We went to get a couple of bookshelves but I've never yet been there and not bought more than we planned to get. And I can honestly say we've ever bought anything at IKEA we didn't really need or use. And so it happened again yesterday.

This morning, I put the shelves together, attached them to the wall, and finally unpacked a whole stack of books that have been languishing in storage for the longest time. It was wonderful to see some of those books again - many I'd completely forgotten about. Books should be out, not hidden away in boxes or stacks.

So I've got a lot more reading to do - lot's of treasures were rediscovered, as well as a few that need to be thrown out. I have no idea how some of them ended up in my library. But they'll be gone soon enough. I'll get a bag together and send them off to a charity shop. 

I mean, really a biography of Kylie? Possession of a book like that should be illegal.

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