Sunday, January 3, 2010

Look! Over There! A Story!

I didn’t get a new story done for this quarter’s Writers Of The Future. Too much other stuff was happening in and around my life, and then when it was almost time I suddenly realised my entire stock is out under submission.

I’ve had nibbles on one or two of them. Nothing definite yet. One is being held for consideration, I’ve had good feedback on another, the others have been out a while.

I’m currently working on a story I really like. It’ll definitely be ready early in the new year, ready for next quarter. I think it has all the elements that WOTF seem to like – now all I have to do is make sure the writing is up to scratch.

I’ve been told by many, including name writers and editors, that my writing is good, even very good. But it seems that my stories generally aren’t action enough for their publications. And being a subscriber to those magazines, I understand exactly what they mean.

So this story is a real attempt to get more action happening, and I’m learning a lot as I write it. I just worry that when we try to make something fit a particular market, it doesn’t always work. I’m taking great care to keep my writing as naturally mine as I can.

But I think the premise is original, and interesting. And as I make my way across Europe, I’m keeping my eyes and mind open and making notes.

There are definitely a million stories out there to be seized upon. I plan to grab as many as I can.

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