Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pah, Proofreading Is Over-Rated Anyway.

About two weeks ago I was facing a writing deadline with twenty four hours to go and a story that wasn't working.

The story is fine, it just wasn't going where it needed to go. It needs time to sit and congeal, before being reshaped and lashed into place. It will happen, but it wasn't going to happen in time for this deadline.

The deadline was firm. Online submission system means they shut you out at midnight, and they don't take late subs. After deciding to abandon my work-in-progress, I was left with two alternatives. I could either not worry about submitting to them, or start something new.

I didn't want to miss this market, and I felt it wouldn't be good for my own self- discipline as a writer if I let it slip past, so I decided to start a new story.

I banged out words, banged out some more the next morning, and finished the first draft only twenty minutes before the deadline. I quickly printed a copy, started proofreading and making minor changes on the screen. Unfortunately I only managed a couple of pages and then realised there were five minutes left.

It's a good thing I write quite clean copy. I had no choice. I sent it and received the automated receipt with a couple of minutes to spare.

Then thought of the one short paragraph I should have included.


I tried not to let that bother me too much. I tried to forget the story - no point crying over spilled milk and all that. In fact, I haven't even gone back to look at it since.

Until now.

I picked it up a couple of minutes ago and read the ending. It's pretty decent, and I'm pleased with it. I'll have a great story to tell if I receive an acceptance for a first draft. It's a good story, though, and I have no doubt it will sell. It won't need much in the way of revision.

And who know, it might just go as it is. It's fresh, hasn't been polished yet and sometimes that works. Plus, miracles do happen.

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