Tuesday, October 21, 2014

On The Move Again.

You know that plateau I mentioned a couple of weeks ago? The one where I thought I was stuck and my writing wasn't improving?

I think I've started moving again.

No, I have no new sales to report, although I'm hopeful I'll be able to announce some soon - once those editors read my masterpieces stuck in their slushpiles. But I'm writing with a renewed confidence and self-awareness.

The penny finally dropped. A couple of things I learned a long time ago have finally fallen into place. I knew these writing guidelines/techniques in my head, and I even thought I was applying them to my writing. But this week I realised I wasn't, not to the extent I should have been.

And BAM! It all made sense.

I'm really enjoying the process of writing at the moment, and I really like the resulting stories. And I look forward to having them published.

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