Wednesday, July 2, 2014

This Week, I'll Mostly Be Writing.

It's term break and I've devoted this week to writing. Three days in and I'm already kicking goals.

I've written a complete story, rewritten an older one, and submitted both. And I'm really happy with them.

I generally plan my stories before I start writing them -  not in complete detail, but I know where they're going to go and how I'll get there. In writing terms, I'm a 'planner' rather than a 'pantser.' But the story I wrote on Monday I hadn't planned. I knew how it was going to start, and had a couple of ideas for scenes along the way (two of which I ended up not using), but no idea where it was going to end up.

So I pantsed it. (I guess the term comes from the phrase 'fly by the seat of your pants') And it worked really well.

This time, at least.

I'm not sure it's something I'd be able to pull-off every time, but it has built my confidence and made me realise I can do it. And I've learned I can write a complete story in a single day.

Not that I want to do that every time.

But two stories subbed, and a third started this morning. Now I have to wait for the editors to make a decision.

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