Sunday, July 13, 2014

Back Into The Fray.

I woke up to a story sale this morning, which is a fabulous way to end my holidays.

I'll be back at work tomorrow, but it's been a really good break, a necessary break. The end of last term was possibly the most hectic I've ever had - partly due to the ever-shifting demands of teaching, and partly due to changing schools partway through the semester - but I just about feel rested and recharged and ready to return.

I was fortunate in that I was able to focus much of these two weeks on writing. I completed several new stories, finished a couple of rewrites, and sent out a few submissions. I had one rejection which disappointed me, an acceptance (the one this morning), and I have another story out there upon which I'm currently sweating. I really want to make this sale - it will be an important one. There are, of course, no guarantees, but I have some confidence that my story hits all the criteria in the submission guidelines. Oh, and I think it's a darn good tale too.

I hung out with some friends and colleagues last night. We made our way to the Burrinja Cultural Centre for Khristian Mizzi & The Sirens' album launch. Khristian is a top-notch songwriter, as well as a talented musician and singer. I was really impressed by the show last night - not only the musical abilities of the band, but with Khristian's lyrics and his ability to paint a picture, evoke a mood and touch our emotions through his music.

Between songs he spoke about his own life, his own emotions and feelings, his art, his goals - heartfelt and honest words which caused me to pause and reflect on my own writing dreams.

Tied in with a couple of recent conversations, a number of things are becoming clear to me at this time.

As an online friend, Martin L. Shoemaker, says,  "Write. Write. Write. Submit. Submit. Submit."

Oh, and do not be distracted by the antics of  others around you.

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