Wednesday, February 20, 2013


My wife and I spent the weekend in Tassie - Hobart, to be precise - and we had a fabulous time.

The food and wine was excellent and the weather was perfect. The accommodation and flights were paid for by Jacob's Creek for buying a few specially marked bottles. And there were no complaints there.

We did a lot during our visit. We walked a lot, took a river cruise and visited MONA.

From my understanding, MONA was started by a self-made millionaire (through gambling, of all things) originally to house his own art collection, and then to give back to the community. He employs around 300 people, receives no government funds, promotes the arts and has won numerous tourism awards.

Certain exhibits are quite confronting and not to my taste. Some I considered to be simply shocking for shock's sake. There was enough, however, that I enjoyed to make the visit worthwhile. And it's great to see such a supportive patron of the arts.

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