Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Gotta Wear Shades.

Like any other skilled activity, the writing experience is a series of improvements punctuated with plateaus where not much seems to happen - either in sales or personal writing growth. Or at least that's how it has been with me.

Recently I've felt that I've been stuck, wheels spinning and not advancing, not getting anywhere at all - although no doubt I was improving and honing my skill. I was just too close to see it myself. But I've recently started to feel that I was getting closer to another burst of improvement.

I've got two stories on hold, two stories just sold and another re-subbed after a rewrite request. And I have high hopes for a couple of others.

Yesterday, I came away from Jack Dann's workshop with some excellent criticism on my subbed story from my fellow participants and Jack, along with positive and encouraging words. And while I don't agree with everything that was said about my story, I will look at everything, consider carefully, and rewrite parts as appropriate.

Continuum is creeping up on us, and I'm looking forward to catching up with a bunch of people. I've signed up to be on a panel with my friend, David McDonald - and that should be a lot of fun. It's a shame Gitte Christensen won't be able to make it, but it was lovely catching up with her yesterday and I look forward to reading her current work-in-progress. Once it's completed, of course.

I must admit I'm also very excited about hearing my name listed among the nominations for both the Chronos and Ditmar awards. And, of course, attending the launch of Epilogue.

Timbuk 3, anyone?


Mesmacat said...

Best wishes for further work on the story, Steve, and congrats on cracking a smile on the old maestro's face with it. Looking forward to seeing more of your work in print and hope to see you at Continuum.


Steve Cameron said...

Thanks, Kevin.

It was nice to have a few moments without "Show, don't tell" - especially since it was my work. Mind you, I had that "SDT" stuff knocked out of me a while ago, so it wasn't a huge issue for me.

And yes, I' all booked at Continuum. Come and hang out.


Gitte Christensen said...


I predict this piece will go the way of certain brick story I read at another workshop.

Have fun at Continuum, y'all.


Steve Cameron said...

Thanks, Gitte, for the positive comments.

The 'brick' story has done quite well for me. Unfortunately, the anthology, 'Anywhere But Earth' has not received the coverage it deserves.

Keith Stevenson, the publisher, has just commented on this. (

It truly is an excellent collection, and it's a shame it hasn't received wider coverage.

But I have high hopes for selling the current story, and even hope some readers might like it.