Sunday, April 8, 2012

One Of Those Weeks.

So every now and again you have a week where a rejection arrives from a market that really should have bought that story because not only is it a really good story but it's a perfect fit for them and they don't know what they're talking about when they reject it and the comments given by the slushreader shows how little they know about good writing and every bone in your body screams in pain and wants the right of reply so you can point out the error of their ways and explain to them how wrong they are and how several of their recently published stories are complete crap and nowhere near as good as yours but you don't do that because you try to behave professionally and deep down you understand that your story is a commodity and ultimately if they don't want it nothing you can say will change that so instead you have a five minute rant to yourself and ship it out again before settling into a quagmire of self doubt about your own abilities as a writer and wallowing there and wondering if anyone will ever buy anything from you again.

And then there a couple of events that lift you out of it. An unsolicited comment from a writer you respect and admire - or in my case, two comments from two writers. A nomination for an award. An email from another writing friend congratulating you and cheering you up. A comment from another friend and peer on your blog supporting you. An invitation to guest post with an introduction that simultaneously builds you up and humbles you.

That's what I love about the Spec Fic community in Australia. The support and encouragement. Thank you.

My guest post Advice on Advice can be found here on the talented David McDonald's site.


Barney said...

Just read your latest update to your blog about 'rejection'...i dont pretend to know you Steve or your work at the moment...but being creative...whether it be music, poems, stories, articles, only to be admired...constructive critisism is a good thing i think...if it suggests ideas, possible improvement and notes the positives as well as the perceived negatives...i believe that can my case when assessing teachers or being assessed as a teacher many people are super critical/negative/cynical...but for no real reason except the world we live in is rife with it and people sometimes think they should follow suit..or maybe they think its not cool/weak to show a bit of appreciation of a peice of work...added to a couple relevant comments to point out reasons for a rejection. The critic who rejects your latest work for example...wouldn't you just love to say "Ok show me what you are capable of and i'll critique your work"....after such an experience that person would view things differently...i hate negativity for the sake of it. I seem to remember some of the most successful authors around had to take a lot of rejection before finally being appreciated....JK Rowling for one...not that im comparing authors in any way...but if she can find it hard to get a break...a bit of luck...or the right reviewer who can recognise potential and talent...then anyone can suffer the seems to me that you are doing what you want to do ('following a dream' always sounds to flowery..but it is really what you are doing) sure you dont need any advice from me..but keep belieiving in yourself, your work and people...and hopefully it will come good...i have two friends who have written books but not had them published....i told them that there is no stigma attached and that im full of admiration for them because they completed what they set out to do...talking is easy...doing is completely another thing...i look forward to reading some of your work in the future...

Steve Cameron said...

Thanks for the comment, Barney. In writing it is vital to get used to rejection - doesn't mean we don't have our little 5 minute rant about it - and yes, there were some comments from the slushreader that made me think.

But the piece is already out elsewhere. And so the cycle goes. Write, revise submit. repeat as necessary.

Kary English said...

If it helps any, I had the same story rejected by the same slusher at two different markets. I don't know if the person slushes at both, or moved between my submissions, but it felt like the height of unfairness at the time. :)

Hang in there and write, write, write!

Steve Cameron said...

Ouch! That would hurt. My post was mostly about how it hurts and you have a rant and move on. That story is now out elsewhere, and I've subbed five other stories this week as well.

Good luck with your writing also!