Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gotta Wear Shades?

I sold a story this week, which is great news. It's a story I really like, and when I wrote it I was riffing off a story by one of my favourite short story writers, Katherine Mansfield. I was surprised when it was straight out rejected at a number of markets without any comment. I'd never been so confident of selling a story before. Finally, one editor made a short comment and with a quick rewrite, he bought the story. All good, in the end.

But despite selling a story this week, I've been a little pessimistic about my writing future. I don't feel like I'm advancing and improving, although it may simply be that the progress is slow. Being in Australia I don't feel like we have the same opportunities and access  to SF workshops and masterclasses that our American peers have. And I haven't yet cracked that pro-market barrier.

I am, of course, extremely grateful to SuperNOVA, my writers' group. Their comments, insights and critiques have taught me a great deal. And generally they have been very kind with their feedback.

This morning, I noticed a posting on Facebook from someone I know. A young woman in her first year of university. She simply said she was excited for the future and feeling wonderful.

I have no idea whether this is a general feeling towards life, or whether she's received some significant news, but I'm thrilled for her that she's so optimistic.

Now while I have plans and hopes for my writing future, I don't know whether optimistic is the word I would use for me. But it's certainly a wonderful state to be in, and one that I'm hoping to achieve.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the sale, mate!

As for the don't have to believe it will happen. Pessimism can be your shield. Just don't stop writing and subbing, mkay? :)


Steve Cameron said...

Thanks, Thoraiya.

No, I'm not giving up. Just wondering if/when things will jump to the next level.


Gitte Christensen said...

Congratulations on the sale, Steve. Excellent news!

I know what you mean about the next level - boy, do I know! Boy, do I do much wondering about it myself - and about one's optimism flagging, but I also know this game has a way of suddenly changing when you least expect it. All we can do it keep plugging away.


Steve Cameron said...

Thanks, Gitte.

Plugging away is all we can do. And, of course, enjoy the support of our peers.

Thanks again