Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Asia Literacy.

Day three of the national Asia Education Foundation conference, and I'm still trying to organise and focus all the information and ideas that've been thrown at me thus far.

We have the federal Education Minister, Bill Shorten, as the keynote this morning, and I must say I'm looking forward to it. Yesterday we had Josh Frydenberg, opposition MP as a speaker. Bearing in mind that we are only four weeks out from a federal election, I was less than enthusiastic about listening to politicians speak. What I found was an intelligent, informed  and bi-partisan approach to the need for our students to engage with Asia in this, the Asian century.

Yesterday morning we also heard Professor Yong Zhau speak regarding the need for global education. He was funny, thoroughly engaging and thought provoking. I've been filled with not only a renewed energy towards my own teaching, but new thoughts regarding many of my own education philosophies. After he was done, I realised I already own one of his books.

But as any teacher knows, any conference or PD session is rated according to the morning teas and lunches they provide. On that basis alone, this conference gets a healthy five stars.


Wai Chim said...

Hi Steve - great summation of a fantastic conference. Great to connect with fellow writer/educator. :) will look into your darkly conceived stories. Stay in touch! Wai

Steve Cameron said...

Great to hear from you, Wai. It was good to meet you and chat. Your session today was excellent. As I said, I even took notes, which I rarely do. For other visitors to this blog, check out Wai's fantastic work.