Sunday, June 30, 2013

Distant Lands.

Once again I'm teaching Tim Winton's short story collection, Minimum of Two, to my senior students. This is about the fifth year in a row I've done so. I never tire of it and the writing never gets stale.

Want to learn how to write a short story without a word out of place and no excess? Read these stories.

Distant Lands, The Water Was Dark And It Went Forever Down, and No Memory Comes just to name a few. Brilliant. Concise. Descriptive. Detailed. Emotive. The writing is superb. Efficient use of words and layer upon layer of meaning.

If I could write half as well as Winton.....


It's enough just to read these stories. Go ahead. As Molly used to say, Do yourself a favour.


Anonymous said...

Hello it has been a long time indeed. Introductions will come shortly, but first; I was doing some research on literary publication, and remembered, of all people, yourself; not that one is undeserving of reminiscence, but simply that the thought appeared, "out of the blue" as they say. So I was overcome with the mind to find the work you have published, the short stories particularly. So not knowing a title, I just searched your name, where one finds himself presently. And so here I am, dare one say an old friend, perhaps you might consider me more of an old acquaintance. Some know me as Johnny no-one, though familiar with this title, you would perhaps better remember me as Jacob, or Mr Crowther; though I have changed my last name since leaving school. I appear mostly to say hello, but also to read your work. so firstly, how are you going? How is life etcetera, and how does one get hold of your work. Should you wish to respond, I understand you must be somewhat momentarily, alleviated of busyness; though one never stops their duties of being a teacher. So you may find me, whenever you wish, at my email address, it is: Maybe you'll respond maybe you won't, regardless, I send my well wishes to you, and your lovely lady wife. My kind regards, g'bye.

Steve Cameron said...


Great to hear from you. Trust all is going well.

And yes, I'll email you when I get a bit more free time.