Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shameless Self Promotion.

Thoraiya Dyer, author of The Company Articles of Edward Teach (yes, I have it on my bookshelf) and winner of both Ditmar and Aurealis awards, had lovely things to say in her review of Anywhere But Earth.

Not only did she give the anthology five out of five stars, but she specified my story as one of the top five stories, the ones that "that made (her) huggle the book in sheer delight."

She went on to write about my story thus:

"As for Steve Cameron’s ‘So Sad, The Lighthouse Keeper,’ I was looking forward to it all the way through, and had to make an effort not to skip ahead. You know about my tragic lighthouse obsession, right? Anyway, this story was even better than I’d hoped. The characterisations were spot-on and I found the structure and symmetry of the story incredibly satisfying."

Wow! I was thrilled to have those things said about my piece.

The whole review can be found here.

The book (e-format and paperback) can be purchased here.

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Gitte Christensen said...

Hi Steve,

It looks like the comments are working again, so congratulations on the to die for review.