Saturday, November 19, 2011

In A Holding Pattern.

While my friends are thrilled to be making some pretty impressive announcements this week (Congatulations, David McDonald and Gitte Christensen), I've got nothing new to report on the sales front.  Stories are out, a couple of them on hold, a couple more I'm quietly confident of selling, a couple I expect to be returned to me soon.

It's the same old waiting game. And as David points out, it's worse then the rejection.

Rejection is the short, sharp moment you rip the band-aid off. The waiting is the agony you feel for months building up to it as your hopes and dreads rise in tandem. It's like sitting in the dentist's office, the dull throb in your teeth, the anticipation of more pain and relief, and the stacks of old magazines that none of my friends ever actually buy or read.

And yet I keep writing and submitting, because when you do make a sale, and then later hear good things about your story, the pain is forgotten.

But editors, if you are reading this, get back to me soon, please. I'm tired of these old business magazines lying around here.

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