Saturday, August 20, 2011

Taking Stock.

Four stories out in the wilderness, awaiting the right home. Three sitting here that I'm not sure are ready to go out again. Several that are trunked, ready to be stripped and re-written if I feel the premise is any good. Two stories that need finishing. And many ready to go.

I have high hopes for three of the four that are currently out there. I'd like to believe three of these are strong enough to be picked up at the market they are currently waiting at. The other one?  Well, I'm not holding my breath on that one. Despite my initial enthusiasm for it, and even though I still really like it, others don't seem to be so keen on it.

The three that need to go out again will get a look over, and a possible tweaking or rewrite.
The trunked stories can stay there for now.  They need too much work. The two stories I'm working on are shaping up well. I'm very happy with their progress. And the couple of stories I'm ready to start writing only need me to find time between marking and other school work as we head towards the end of term. One of these stories will require a reasonable amount of reading and research.

I received page proofs for my story from Keith Stevenson for the upcoming Anywhere But Earth. Boy, is it dangerous to go back and look at older stories. Already I've seen several sentences I'd like to rewrite, but I must resist.

Apart from that, the story looks great in print, and the whole collection should be fantastic.

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