Sunday, June 26, 2011 the greenhouse.

All is pretty groovy here.

Keith Stevenson sent me my story with a few suggested changes - all of which made sense. I edited that and sent it back to him. I finished a minor rewrite on my first ever flash fiction piece, and have re-subbed that. I'm in the middle of two other rewrites that are coming along nicely. I'm halfway through a story that I need to finish by the end of the week so I can sub it to Writers of the Future for this quarter, and I have two story ideas congealing inside my brain.

I finished writing all my school reports for the semester, proofread a billion more until my brain turned to mush, finished virtually all my marking, and still had time to go out for dinner last night to The Pig and Whistle.

I've signed up for Conflux in October, started planning my school break that starts next week and have an Architectural tour of Melbourne next week. A wonderful present my wife bought for my birthday recently.

And as I sit here waiting for Anywhere But Earth to be released, life is pretty groovy. Just as I said.

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