Sunday, July 3, 2011

Daniel Amos On Tour.

Daniel Amos, my favourite band (after The Beatles) are touring for the first time in around twenty years. They've regularly recorded (in various guises) since they formed in the early 70s. I've been a huge fan of theirs since the late 70s. And now they're touring! With merchandise and everything!

They've never been to Australia, and probably never will. And so I came very close to flying to the U.S. for a show or two.

I've been faithful, bought everything they've ever released over all those years, and loved  most of it  (and at least appreciated what they were trying to do with the rest.) Heck, the first story I ever sold, Ghost of the Heart (in Festive Fear) is named after one of their songs.

But they just aren't big enough to ever come here to me. Which means I'd have to go to them.

How not big are they? The bass player, Tim Chandler, is a highly respected session musician who is currently not going on tour with them because he can't get away from his day job.  Their guitarist, Greg Flesch, is a scientist at NASA who plays guitar when he's not nudging rockets around, and their main man, Terry Taylor, barely makes a living from music.

And as for Ed McTaggart? Well, no-one seems really sure what he does when he's not parked behind his drums. Ed seems to take vacations, though.

As I said, I seriously considered flying over to see a few shows of this legendary band. I figure it may be my last ever opportunity to see them. My wife even suggested I do it. But how can I justify all that money to go for a couple of concerts.

Sigh. I live in hope that one day circumstances will allow me to see and hear them live.

Where's Steve?


Gitte Christensen said...


I just thought I'd drop by and say hi.

Hi :)

Steve Cameron said...

Thanks Gitte,

Great to have you drop by.