Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I had an absolutely fantastic weekend at Continuum.

The Philip K. Dick panel ran smoothly and was well received. Both Bruce Gillespie and David McDonald were fantastic - great insights and an obvious appreciation of PKD's work. I really want to thank them for agreeing to be part of this panel. I also need to thank Tessa B. Dick, Phil's wife, for so kindly answering a few questions for me. Don't forget, both her biography of Phil and her own autobiography are available.

The other panels I was on were good fun too. Sure, I was nervous just before they started, but once they were underway I completely relaxed.

It was great catching up with old familiar faces (Gitte Christensen, Earl Livings and Sue Ann Barber to name a few) and meeting new people. Once again I find it thrilling to be able to sit down and converse with people whose work I've bought and read and names I've only heard of. Richard Harland, Jack Dann, Joel Shepherd, George Ivanoff, Narrelle M. Harris -  and that's only naming a few. I must admit I was a little disappointed not to see some of the usual luminaries there, but I guess people have other publishing commitments and being the long weekend means other events are on also.

Despite the range of panels not being as varied as in previous years (C'mon, do we really need another three or four Vampire panels?) it was still an amazing weekend and I had a great time.

Onward and upward.

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