Monday, June 14, 2010

It's My Birthday And I'll Dance If I Want To...

I went to La Mama in Carlton on the weekend.  What a fabulous venue it is.  I used to go there a whole lot more often, back when I was studying literature, drama and theatre at university. But time steals by and years pass without making the effort to visit this icon of Melbourne theatre.

It was my birthday on the weekend and my wife and I spent the time in the city. We started in Brunswick Street where we browsed and I bought a few books and CDs before checking into our hotel. A bit of time spent around the shops in the CBD before heading out to Lygon Street. A few more bookshops, a couple more purchases and into a Spanish Restaurant where the food was average, the lights were dark, but the beer was great. And then to La Mama, where my wife had booked us tickets. Something Natural but Very Childish combined my love of the theatre with my love of Katherine Mansfield. Reading the program, it seems the director, Gary Abrahams, and I seem to have a great deal in common - except he's a very talented and creative director and I'm not. The cast was stunning, the set was minimal, and the atmosphere was - well, La Mama. The show is strongly recommended.

On Sunday we slept in, had a look around the State Library and the fantastic exhibitions there before a late lunch at a restaurant on Southbank. Off to Nova for a foreign film (The Secret in their Eyes - recommended) before I met up with a friend at a pub in the city. My wife decided to pull the pin at this point. Late night noodles and a pint or two (lager, lager, lager) and my friend and I hit the Rod Laver Arena to see Underworld live. And what a great show! (Check out the new track, Scribble - it's fantastic)

My friend 'rave' danced, I sort of self-consciously moved around a bit, and we both sang along and clapped a lot.

All in all a wonderful weekend and a great birthday.

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