Sunday, July 18, 2021

Jack of All Trades, But Masters Of None?

I haven't written much fiction (if at all) in recent times. Mostly this is due to my studies which have consumed most of my free time for the past few years. These studies, however, can no longer be used as an excuse for my lack of fiction writing, as I completed my dissertation last month and next week those results will be ratified at the official Board of Examiners.

So I am very pleased to (shortly) possess a Master of Arts in Digital Technologies, Communication and Education (with Distincion).

I commenced this course in saner times, as it tied together my interests and experience in Education and Digital Technology. It was also integral to landing a job in this field, which I commenced early in 2020. Little did I know that the world as we knew it would soon end, and my role and training would soon be very much in demand.

And so with a new job I was trying to learn while working remotely and away from the team, I completed my studies under a lot of pressure and difficulty. But completed they were, and now I'm free. Of study, at least. For the time being.

And before you ask, No, I am not going on to do a PhD. 

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