Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Back in the UK.

I've been back a week or so, and the trip panned out pretty much as I had predicted. I even had a Chiko Roll and enjoyed it.

It was wonderful seeing my friends, family and former colleagues. The one thing that surprised me was how much the staff at my school had changed. It is 20 months since I last visited, and it was 18 months before that. The changes this time were far greater than the previous time, which is logical, I suppose, as you become further removed in time. I went to a morning tea, and I didn't know more than half the people in the room.

On the way back I stopped in Abu Dhabi for a couple of nights. First to break up the long flight and reduce jetlag before returning to work, and second to have a bit of a holiday somewhere new after a hectic two weeks at home catching up with people.

I really enjoyed it. I loved every second. The food was great, the people were friendly and helpful, and there was so much to do. I could easily have filled another couple of days. The Louvre Museum and the Old Fort were definite highlights. Brilliant.

One of my favourite moments was simply heading off the main road and wandering in sidestreets until I got myself lost. That is something I try to do in cities I visit. Sometimes you find the most remarkable places and people, and this adventure was no exception.

And the absolute bonus for me was being upgraded to a suite instead of the room I had booked. I had three rooms, a huge TV and sofas. That was cool.

Thank you, Abu Dhabi. I will return.

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