Sunday, May 21, 2017

Don't Bring Me Down.

Some people really can't help themselves. They simply cannot allow another person to be pleased or happy.

Four times in the past two days I've seen Facebook friends be brought down by naysayers. Something that's occurred, a great social commentary, encouragement meant for another - all considered to be great news by the poster. And then you read the comments.

Recently, on my last day of employment at my old school, a friend and I left together. As we were walking out for the very last time someone asked what we were going to do next. My friend announced she was thrilled she'd already found employment - and then came the comments. Why would you want to work there? I've heard it's awful. I wouldn't go there in a pink fit. And so on.

Really? Is that all you can offer? Remember, this isn't someone asking your advice prior to making a decision. This is someone who has already achieved their goal of new employment.

Even if you think those things, or have some inside knowledge, why can't you just congratulate someone on their achievement? You really have to bring them down?

For the record, my friend is happy with her new role, and none of the warnings of dread turned out to be remotely true.

But it's happened to me. Decisions I've made in many areas of my life - personal, career and hobby - and there often seems to be someone prepared to bring me down. Am I an eternal optimist? No. I am, in fact, quite the realist. But when I share some good news or an achievement, be respectful. How about a simple 'congratulations,' or 'well done?'

Build people up, don't bring them down.

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