Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Vale: Doc Neeson.

In the late 70s, The Angels ruled Australian rock, and Face to Face was one of my favourite albums. I was in high school and I played it non-stop. No Exit, Darkroom and Night Attack followed over the next few years and were all great. In fact, those four albums still get played regularly. This was the band AC/DC could have been. Intelligent poetic lyrics, biting guitars, a solid rhythm section and Doc Neeson, the enigmatic Irish frontman who always sounded as though he was spiralling into madness.

For some reason I never got to see them live, which is something I will always regret - particularly when you see the energy of their performance on the La Trobe University video.
But by 1983 line-ups had changed and the albums didn't work as well. I simply didn't bother with them. I still bought the albums, but found they didn't get repeated playings.

So I was really excited when I finally saw the re-united Angels about five years ago, albeit without Doc. And then I was completely thrilled when Doc joined them a year later. Since then I've seen them three or four times, and loved every show.

Of course there were more falling-outs and Doc left again.

About 18 months ago, Doc was diagnosed with aggressive brain tumours. He fought the cancer, formed a new band and planned a tour. This morning, Doc lost his battle. He was the lyricist, the voice of The Angels, and they will never be the same again.

Thanks for the stage theatrics, Doc.

He was 67.


Unknown said...

I do remember the school bags with "Angles" written on them. Not sure whether it was illiteracy or dyslexia, but the bearers certainly were not Sheldon Cooper.

Steve Cameron said...

Hey Paul, maybe they were just maths wannabees. If they'd met Doc, they may have asked him to 'sine' their bags... :)