Tuesday, June 3, 2014

That Which We Believe.

I'm thrilled that my story, That Which We Believe, is now available in issue 59 of Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine.

I wrote this one a few years ago, and started workshopping it with Paul Haines under the AHWA mentor program. We really only managed one critique, in which he pretty much savaged the story. The critique hurt at the time. I had hoped to impress him. But, damn his eyes, he was right. The story was missing something and so I put it aside for a long time to congeal. The plan was that later, when I'd rewritten it, Paul would have another look at it.

Unfortunately that never happened.

But Paul's feedback directed the rewriting process, and David Kernot liked it enough to buy it, and now you'll be able to read it.

This now means that all three stories workshopped with Paul have been published.

Gitte Christensen and I will share the TOC. We have often spoken of having work in the same publication, and so another goal is reached. I look forward to reading her story. I know Preston Dennett has a story in this issue. David Steffen, with whom I shared a  TOC in After Death, has one as well. The fabulous cover is by Paul Drummond. Who else is in there? I have no idea, but I have no doubt this will be another quality issue of ASIM.

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