Sunday, October 20, 2013


I've been building a kitchen, and I must say it's coming along nicely.

We bought all the components, of course - flatpacks - and then I used tools and sharp implements, and my incredible handyman skills and superpowers, to convert these panels into something where stuff can be stored.  We ordered the benchtops, had the stove and rangehood fitted, and the kitchen is once more functioning.

Some of the rooms had the original carpet still. Salmon pink may have been cool in the 80s (although I doubt it) but it had worn, faded, stretched and been stained. So yesterday new carpet was fitted in three rooms. It was quite an effort emptying those rooms, particularly since one is the study with many books on shelves, but I got it all done and back in record time.

I took the opportunity to sort through some stuff in the study. It's always been a cosy place, somewhere I enjoy writing, but now it's less cluttered and feels wonderful.

Just a little worn out, so I think Sunday afternoons were meant for watching SF films. The only thing to do now is choose which one to watch.

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