Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This Week So Far.

A good week's writing so far. I've broken the back of a story that was giving me a few problems. I knew what I wanted to do in part of it but just couldn't find my way into it. I'd tried a number of different approaches, re-wrote the beginning of a scene several times, but none of these worked. So yesterday I tried something different and it was much better. There's been a change in personality of the character that needed to be introduced in this scene and this has changed elements later in the story. And it's made a vast improvement.

Now the story is pouring out of me and I'm happy with how it's progressing.

I plan to wrap this beast up this afternoon and get onto another story. Next to my computer I have a list of stories that need to be revised or started. I plan to complete all the revisions and start a new one by Friday. Tomorrow is going to be hot. Very hot. A perfect day to sit inside and write.

And then by early next week I must have all my available stories back out in circulation. They'll never sell if they're not out there.

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