Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Review.

Alan Baxter reviewed Anywhere But Earth, and had some kind words for my story:
"I think this book will go down as a must-read in modern science fiction. The scope of the stories and the talent of the contributing authors is astounding. It really is a fantastic array of ideas and style. If you’re a sci-fi fan, you’ll dig this book. If you’re not, it’s a great place to start. ..... Probably the standouts for me were Penelope Love’s SIBO, William R D Wood’s Deuteronomy, Robert Hood’s Desert Madonna, Damon Shaw’s Continuity, Brendan Duffy’s Space Girl Blues, Angela Ambroz’s Pyaar Kiya and Steve Cameron’s So Sad, The Lighthouse Keeper. Although the real star of that last story is a secondary character. In fact, a brick."

Alan, of course, did not mention his own excellent Unexpected Launch.
Thanks, Alan, for the kind words.


Danny Phipps said...

Ol' Steve's reader fans may know of him as a world-famous writer of dark stories, etc., but only his closest friends know him as one hell of a dedicated and devoted fan of both XTC and The Beatles!! So in my opinion, the dude can't be all bad, now can he? ;-)

Steve Cameron said...

They're not that dark, are they?

Good to see you drop around, Danny.

And you're right - only the best people love XTC and The Beatles.

Thanks for the comment.

Gitte Christensen said...

Ah yes, the brick. I remember it well :) Congrats again on being favourably singled out in a review.