Monday, March 7, 2011


I've been thinking a lot about motivation recently, both extrinsic and intrinsic. I've been talking to my senior students about it over the past few weeks. But the reason I first started on this path of thought was because I was questioning my own.

About two weeks ago, it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn't done any real writing for about 5 weeks. Sure, I had lots of excuses - guests from overseas, the school year starting up with all the reading and lesson preparation that comes with it, and so on.  As I said, lots of excuses, but no real reasons.

And so two weeks ago I drew up a chart, a schedule that sets out a certain number of hours a week I plan to write. If I fail to complete an hour on the evening I choose, I can make it up later, but it has to be the same week. And so far (well, I'm into my third week) I've met my goals, and even exceeded them.

I plan to keep this up. And I tell my students how I've gone, and ask how they're going with their study.

On the up side, I've got all my stuff out on submission at the moment, and even had a couple of positive nibbles.  More on that later if I hook anything.

While I'm here, I'm looking for a couple of mags and books.

New Adventures in Sci-Fi by Sean Williams,
Aurealis, #37
Andromeda Spaceway Inflight Magazine #1, #2, #20

Please let me know if you can help out.

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