Sunday, March 13, 2011

What A Great Weekend!

Coeur De Lion has selected one of my stories to appear in the forthcoming anthology Anywhere But Earth. I am thrilled and honoured by this, as I will be sharing pages with a number of well-known and respected writers. This will be a great anthology to keep an eye out for.

Last night I went to see Hawkwind with my friend, George. He's the one who introduced Hawkwind and Hard Rock/Metal to me all those years ago. And, to a great extent, the one who introduced me to Spec Fic. We had a great time, the show was fantastic, and Hawkwind was everything I hoped for.  Lights, videos and dancers wearing Dr. Who-type costumes. The support band, The Night Terrors, were a lot of fun too.

Imagine that - two bands with Theremins. I've always thought modern music needed more of that. Along with banjos, ukeleles and trombones.

And then I was pleased to bump into Paul and Trudi Canavan as I waited to get in.  I had met them before, but we were able to spend a bit of time chatting throughout the night. Trudi sketched the support band, while Paul and I didn't.

And then I came home to a rejection for another story - but the note from the editor was personal, encouraging and right on the money. Wish I'd had those comments before I sent it off. But it's been re-written already and currently sits with another market.

That's what it's all about - perseverance, and being prepared to learn. And having fun doing it all.

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