Friday, July 3, 2020

Snapshot 2020.

The Australian SF scene has now been snapshot for the sixth time. Every few years since 2005, a series of interviews is conducted with authors, artists, publishers and others involved in Australian SF.

Snapshot 2020 is currently being published, and my interview was released this morning. While the past year or so of writing and publishing has been quieter than usual for me, I have had publications. Due to other commitments, writing is currently on the backburner. But I am still making plans, still making notes, and will emerge at the end of the year ready to write more frequently.

Explore the site. Check out the interviews. Read mine. And links to my previous interviews can be found under 'Steve's Links' in the menu on the right of this screen.

Thanks to Tehani Croft for taking on this mammoth task.

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