Wednesday, June 28, 2017

All I Know Are Sad Songs.

There's no doubt I'm rusty. I've hardly played my guitar for the past few years. I'm not really sure why as I love making music. Time, other plans, life. The truth is I would make the time if I really wanted to.

And this is exactly what's happened. My local pub has a weekly open mike evening and I attend quite often. The musicians are mostly regulars of varying styles and abilities, with the occasional newcomer or irregular visitor. Some are good, some need more practice, but they all love the music. I always enjoy the evening.

I haven't been game to jump behind the mike, mostly because I am so rusty. But they have inspired me to drag out my guitar and play more often. Actually, I practice about an hour a day at the moment, and it's coming back to me. My fingertips are hardening, my fingers are moving more freely, and the old skills are returning.

There is only one thing that concerns me. Much of the evening consists of 50s rock and 60s pop. Happy, jangly tunes. The songs I would play are sadder alt-country. I'm not sure if I want to be seen as a downer playing songs they don't know.

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